Can Office Art Motivate Your Team?

Tell me this. Can, how we decorate our workplace, have any tangible effect on how we feel at work? Can it get us to feel better, and in some way improve productivity or well being? And it doesn’t matter if we work alone in our home office or sitting in a co-working space. Working in a cool place make us all feel good. Right?

Your workplace should be a fun, positive engaged place to be.

All we want to do is to Get Shit Done.

Well we think so. We think YES. Life is here to be enjoyed, and our workplace is meant to enjoyable. It’s supposed to a place where we feel positive and engaged.

So, back in 2014, we set up our first online store, one that combines modern design with some old fashioned sage. Wisdom from disruptors and thinkers from our age. Pointers towards success and a general good place.

We hope you like #motivation